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Pay Per Click Campaigns

With Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, we can obtain leads and sales through search engines such as Google and Bing.

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What are PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaigns allow you to advertise your business and only pay when a user clicks on your ad, whether it is through Google Search or Display Network, social media networks, Bing Network, or other. Ads include text ads, banner and display ads, video ads, and more.

The amount you pay is determined by the maximum bid you’d like to pay for each click or through a fully automated bidding strategy. Our experts will know which strategy is best for your business and will monitor the campaigns daily for maximum results.



Define objectives:

What would you like to achieve with your campaign? A wide variety of options include driving traffic to your website or landing page, showing your ad to the most users possible, or opting for the most video views.


Choose The platform:

Identify which platform is the ideal one to achieve your objectives. The most popular platforms are Google and Bing.


Choose A Bid Strategy:

Identify which bidding strategies we will utilize, whether it be manual bidding for more advanced campaigns, fully automated, or partially automated.


Research and Build:

Thorough keyword and market research allows us to target only the most qualified traffic and audience. We then build your campaign with ad copy, graphics, and landing pages.


Comprehensive monitoring:

Campaigns are monitored daily to adjust keyword bids, increase or decrease daily budgets, and pause keywords that are under-performing.



We test, re-test, and constantly optimize the campaign to increase conversions while keeping the conversion rate as low as possible.

Campaign Types

Google Search and Display Ads

With 3.8 million Google searches per minute, Google Ads is the most powerful way to market your business. Search Ads are text-only ads that allow you to bid on specific search queries highly valuable to your campaign. Display Ads are visual ads that are shown on websites as users browse the internet. Depending on your business, we may utilize one or both of these Google Networks.

Search Ads

Text-only ads that allow you to add extensions such as call buttons and your business location

Display Ads

Visual ads that are displayed on relevant websites as users browse the internet

Video Ads

Google-owned YouTube allows you to advertise on relevant channels and during other videos

Campaigns in
Google Shopping

If you have an online store, creating campaigns on Google Shopping is an ideal strategy to increase your sales. First, we create a Google Merchant Center account to upload the data feed – your products, specifications, prices, and information.

Second, our professionals create and optimize different Ad Groups for specific products and categories. These will appear prominently in the search results, considerably increasing your profits while optimizing your conversion rate.


Remarketing is a strategy that consists of targeting users who have visited your website but have not yet converted. Thus, when this user browses the Internet, they will see advertisements on the Google Display Network that will bring the client back. This is how it works:

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