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Digital Marketing Services

We offer a variety of methods and strategies to achieve your business goals. Don’t see the service you need? Contact us!

Search Engine Optimization Services

Does your business have a location? When people search for it online or in their maps, can they find it? Even if they can find it, you may be wondering why similar businesses are shown before yours. Want foot traffic but website traffic as well? Local SEO is your solution. By using the most current tactics, CBK can work to get your business listing rankings higher than your competitors. 

Not local, but need website traffic? There are a variety of search engine optimization techniques we use that are customized for your goals. We use advanced tools and software to make sure your website or eCommerce products are showing up at the right place at the right time. SEO is not a short-term solution, but an investment that continues to pay itself off. The best part? SEO doesn’t use paid advertising: it boosts your growth organically!


What is SEO? Learn more here

  • Local SEO
    Citations, map optimization, reviews
  • Off Page SEO
    Backlinks, brand mentions, social media
  • On Page SEO
    Keywords, competitors, content, navigation
  • Technical SEO
    Site health, backend, redirects, meta
  • Social Media SEO
    Guest blogging, listings, influencers
  • Ecommerce SEO
    Google Shopping, FB integration, product SEO

Analytics & Data Services

  • Traffic Analytics
    Sources, behavior, referrals, predictions/trends
  • Tracking
    UTMs, conversion rates, call tracking
  • ECommerce
    Analytics, tracking, conversion rates
  • Demographics
    Location, age groups, interests, behavior
  • Bounce Rates
    Monitoring, optimization
  • Social Media
    Insights, unfollows, demographics
Data is at the heart of digital marketing. If you don’t interpret the data correctly, it can be detrimental to your investment. With over 4.57 billion people using the internet, it’s almost impossible to target all of them. And why would you want to? Most of them are not your ideal customers.   Using advanced tools and techniques, we constantly examine the data and adjust our strategies. Where is your website traffic coming from? What are their behaviors and interests? How do they navigate through your site? These are just a few of the questions we seek to answer as we sift through the data.   By having this precise and measurable data, we don’t leave any guesswork. That way, you can be assured that our techniques are well-researched and strategically executed.

Branding Services

What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand? What does your company stand for and what are its values? How are you different?

Your brand is everything: it’s your identity and your promise to customers. It should be utilized across all marketing platforms to increase association, loyalty, and positive feelings. Whether you’re rebooting your brand, starting a new brand, or just want more recognition of your current brand, CBK can help you every step of the way.

We do this by developing your brand from the “top down.” This means incorporating your values and missions at the top level of your company and enforcing it through management, then employees. It must consistently be practiced and taught so that you’re projecting your brand at every touch point throughout the customer journey.

CBK works with all stages of the branding process as well as graphic design to help convey your message.

  • Brand Positioning
    Competitor analysis, market research, differentiation
  • Brand Identity
    Perception, design, development, message
  • Brand Awareness
    Reach, engagement, publicity, promotions
  • Brand Launch
    Preparation, channels, feedback, brand architecture
  • Rebranding
    New identity, new message, new launch
  • Brand Growth
    Market share, development, strategy

Website Design Services

  • User Experience (UX)
    Navigation, usability, interaction, experience
  • User Interface (UI)
    Design, layout, branding, composition
  • Site Health
    Errors, issues, redirects, broken links
  • Social Media
    Social feeds, integration
  • ECommerce
    Full setup, checkout optimization, payment systems
  • Landing Pages
    Ads, geographic locations, special offers

From small improvements to your current website to a completely new website, CBK can do it all. We can improve usability, provide an excellent experience, and ensure your site will display perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

Need an online store? CBK can implement the perfect Ecommerce platform for your business so your customers can shop on-the-go at any time. 

We can also create landing pages if your business has multi-city locations, create and add videos, set up lead-capturing tools, and much more.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is essential to lead your customers into making a purchase, retain existing customers, and incorporate your brand. We create complete email series that will be sent to your customers when they sign up and then curate those series for customers interested in certain products. Through personalization and curated content, your CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) will continue to grow.

CBK can also connect your online store to create shoppable emails, enable SMS marketing, create social media ads targeted at your email list, and more.

  • Segmentation
    Lists subscribers by interests for targeted emails
  • Automation
    Welcomes series after a subscriber signs up
  • Lead Generation
    Sign-up forms, pop-up forms, lead capturing tools
  • ECommerce
    Shoppable emails, landing pages, integration
  • Abandoned Cart
    Custom emails to increase conversion rates
  • Reporting
    Weekly reports on open rates and CTRs