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Client case study

DisinfectCARE: Increased Client's Ranking & Traffic in 3 Months

DisinfectCARE is a multi-country disinfection business. They treat residential and commercial spaces for pathogens.

We needed to keep CPAs low and increase organic traffic. Competition in the disinfection industry is growing. As such, we continue to implement only effective SEO strategies. We plan our paid campaigns with careful attention as well.

Now Ranking #1

For top Keyword

66% Increase

in website traffic

93% Decrease

In CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Get Em Gone: Generated Leads for Under $23 CPA

Get Em Gone Critter And Wildlife Removal is a locally owned and operated pest control company in San Antonio, Texas that has over a decade of experience serving the surrounding communities. They specialize in wildlife removal, wildlife prevention, dead animal removal, and infestation clean-up.

Maintained Low CPCs

Average of $0.90 CPC

High Impression Share

Average of 77%

Low CPAs

Average of $22.65

Get´ Em Gone
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