We Provide Web Development Services That You Can Rely On

When it comes to web application development, we only accept high quality products with outstanding designs. We have the best team, right skills, and a wealth of knowledge for creating a web application that is secure, scalable, and user-friendly.

Our Web App Development Services

Please contact CBK Digital Marketing if you need a website, an e-commerce site, a custom web app, etc. Skills, experience, a comprehensive knowledge of trending technologies, a streamlined web development process, and a great deal of enthusiasm are the main ingredients of a successful web product. We specialize in developing content management systems, workflow interfaces, e-commerce websites, and enterprise web applications. From architecture to functionality design, security to support, we offer a full range of web app development services. Even as part of Web application development services, we help modernize or completely redesign old-fashioned web interfaces in order to meet the needs of increasingly savvy users.

Frontend Development

A modern and effective frontend using ReactJS, VueJS, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS is needed for any web application.

Backend Development

Strong and organized backends are crucial for any web solution. The best technologies like Node.JS, PHP, Laravel, and Express are always recommended by us.

Database Setup

The setup of a reliable, fast, and safe database is also an important part of a complete web solution. Our recommendation is to implement the best such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Firebase.

CMS Sites

Wordpress is an excellent CMS framework for its security features, MVC structure, and modularity. It is also easy to use, allows multiple users, improves site management, etc.

E-commerce Platforms

Based on our experience, we have built several wonderful e-commerce sites using Shopify, Woocommerce, along with facilitating admin panels, payment gateways, carts, and user verification.

UI/UX Designs

UI, UX, and prototypes for any web application are carefully designed before it enters the development phase. It is our duty as designers to ensure that our designs are custom, creative, user-friendly, and delivered on time.

Why our Clients Choose Us

Web Development Company

We have extensive experience in front-end technology that allows us to meet the digital requirements of a wide range of companies. We embrace mobile-centric web reality by developing modern cross-platform applications.

As a leading web app development company, we provide functional and engaging business solutions. To deliver beyond expectations, we use the top-of-the-line languages and technologies (HTML5/JavaScript), databases, cloud services, architecture types, and DevOps tools.

web development

Expertise in Web-based applications

With a well-established team of Web App experts, CBK has invested heavily in Web App expansion.

Partners Who Are Cost Effective

We offer cost-effective solutions, therefore we are the right partner for you.

Delivering on time and using agile development

We deliver quality projects on time with our modern Agile approach.

Regular and easy communication

Our clients can communicate with us through the channel that they prefer, making communication easy.

Free Post development Support

By offering free and best post-development support, we help our clients focus on their marketing.

Starts at $75/H

We offer the most competitive rates for dedicated resources in the market, starting at $75 / Hour.

Our Technology Stack

Our experts have an exceptional skill set for utilizing cutting-edge technology, which aids us in providing high-quality web application solutions.

Frontend Development

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React JS enables our developers to build a streamlined, performance-rich frontend of a web application, which is highly flexible and a modern technology.

Next js logo

Next js

Since its beginning, Next.js (a popular tool in the React ecosystem) has served as our frontend framework. Startups and mid-level businesses grow faster with our quick and high-quality solutions

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Vue js

By using Vue JS technology, you can develop a good-looking front end for web applications. Reusing component-based UI also simplifies upgrades.

Backend Development

Nodejs logo

Node js

Using NodeJS as the backend, we can develop fast, result-oriented applications leveraging our extensive experience with NodeJS and its cross-platform runtime environment

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With our Laravel development services, we guarantee your business-specific needs will be met with a secure, scalable, and smooth solution


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SQL-based relational database management system MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use. Small and large applications can use it for everything from storing a single record of information to creating a complete catalog of products for an online store.

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Firebase's efficiency and rapid performance allow CBK to develop high-quality mobile and web applications with fewer resources. Backend programming, authentication, API development, database, and file storage are all handled by Firebase.

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CBK has chosen MongoDB as its next-gen Open Source document oriented NoSQL database for industries from start-ups to enterprises. We can build a variety of complex applications with flexibility, scalability, and performance using this technique

CMS and E-commerce

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For its ease of access, CMS is one of the most popular development systems. WordPress is a popular CMS due to its simplicity and ease of use.

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Have a great idea in mind or want something connected with your Shopify but couldn't find a Shopify app to do that for you? We have a great team of Shopify experts that can custom build robust Shopify app as per your requirement.


Our Process

See what our projects have to go through..!

The nine steps are crucial to the success of every project we work on. By integrating the outcomes of these nine steps, you will be able to build error-free, user-friendly, and secure business solutions.


1. IP Protection

We begin our work by suggesting that we sign an NDA and IP protection agreement together so that you don’t have to worry about protecting your ideas and data.

2. Consultation and Project Discovery

Before we establish a timeline and cost commitment, we will discuss all the grey areas among all stakeholders. For instance, if our methods and services are a good fit for you.

3. Find the Best Solution

The first two steps will have provided us with all the ingredients needed to make your product, but in this step, we will analyze the risks and effort required to make your product with the collective input from team members.

4. UI/UX Design

Using cutting-edge tools like AdobeXD, our team builds beautiful and custom UI/UX designs. You will be able to see how the final result will look based on these designs.

5. Prototype

As a result of our UI/UX design, we create a working prototype that will provide you with an idea of how all the features, functions, buttons, and animations will work when a particular action is taken, like clicking a button.

6. Agile Development

Using the approach developed after the prototype has been approved, the final product is developed. We will update you each sprint so that you can review the work and give your feedback on any changes.

7. QA and Incremental Quality Assurance

Through the use of Incremental Quality Testing, our QA team lets us start testing at the earliest stage to avoid any surprises at the end. We make sure that you have an error free product within the promised timeline.

8. Deployment

Our product will be bug-free and streamlined after many sprints and quality testing, so it can be launched on app stores, the cloud, or your own server.

9. Support and Maintenance

For the time following implementation, we continue to offer free technical support for periodic check ups, maintenance, upgrades, feature additions, etc.

We Offer Free Consultations

This No-Obligation Consultation Includes:



A 30-minute consultation, by phone, video, or in-person. We will get to know each other
and discuss the goals you have for your new or existing website. We want to take the
time to get to know you and your company.



We will provide real-time, practical recommendations for your business goals. This is
advice you can use now to boost your business!


Marketing plan

If we all agree that we are a mutual fit, we can discuss producing a unique marketing
plan for your company.


Website & Audit

Afterwards, you’ll also receive a free website and SEO audit. This will cover errors,
layout, content, and improvements!