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A Seamless Experience: The Advantages of Omnichannel Marketing

What’s Omnichannel Marketing?

To understand omnichannel marketing, think of how consumers today demand access to products fast and through any device. Think of Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. Order 12+ million products on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Alexa. It’s a seamless and integrated experience, no matter the device. That’s why we love it. Products are then shipped fast to you or to a local Amazon Hub. On the other hand, think of your favorite local business. Perhaps they sell amazing beeswax candles that you can’t live without. They have one location, across town, and it’s only open 4 days a week. You love supporting local, so you take the trek whenever you can. What if they had an online store and offered free local delivery? An easy-to-use app with loyalty points? It’s safe to say you’d order more often and have a better experience.

This is the challenge we face in today’s COVID-19 climate. Omnichannel marketing is the solution. You aren’t limited to just one marketing channel, like your physical store. It offers one smooth experience across all platforms. Your products are available 24/7. A late-night tablet user reserving a product for tomorrow pick up? No problem. A smartphone user collecting “Wish List” items with no internet access? It’s possible, with a web app.

Omnichannel marketing connects with consumers the same way at each touchpoint. It doesn’t focus on each channel; it turns the focus on the customer. To be effective, understand what platforms your customers use most. Target has done an excellent job with their omnichannel efforts. Their app allows customers to sign up for rewards on their smartphone. The app directly correlates with their desktop website. Same design, same feel, and similar layout. They can also sign up for these rewards in-store during checkout. Rewards can be gained and accessed through multiple outlets within a single hub. Along with mail-in ads, that’s four different channels seamlessly brought together. The customer can jump between channels without even realizing it. That is the power and convenience of omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel Marketing can cross devices such as:

Virtual assistants (Alexa, Google Home)

And can cross platforms:

Social media
Email campaigns
Blog posts
Print ads
Direct mail
Landing pages
Web pages

Omnichannel marketing may involve starting from scratch, but it’s worth the effort. Studies show that this strategy leads online shoppers to shop offline as well. It can also encourage offline shoppers to buy in new categories.

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Marketing


Multichannel Marketing is often confused with Omnichannel Marketing, but there is a distinct difference. Omnichannel Marketing joins channels together in a unified effort. Multichannel marketing treats each channel as its own platform. Customers keep needing to start over. For instance, products browsed in-store may be different from those online. Or when they change devices, their shopping cart isn’t visible. You want customers to be able to pick up where they left off.

How to Integrate Omnichannel Marketing?

One of the most important things you can do is make your website mobile-friendly. Next, focus on customer experience within your current channels. Map out different ways your typical demographic is likely to shop. If most of your customers shop in-store, use social media to draw them in. Be sure to make it a seamless experience. If you’re running a promotion on Facebook, be sure to let your staff know. Lastly, don’t forget markets you may be missing: consider mobile marketing. 54% of online purchases is projected to be on mobile devices.

Professional Omnichannel Marketing Services

CBK Digital Marketing offers a full suite of services for seamless marketing. From startups, we can work from the ground up. Beginning with a new website, we’ll link your social media accounts, CRM, online store and more. This allows for a smooth transition between channels. For established businesses, we’ll adjust the website you have. Our specialists will recommend services, channels, and platforms to fill in any gaps. This includes an SEO-optimized landing page and a better checkout process. No matter your needs, CBK can help create a seamless customer experience.

Key Takeaways

Your business can grow with Omnichannel Marketing, no matter which path you take. It’s amazing how format and ease of use can boost your sales. Your customers have access to multiple channels, increasing exposure. It provides valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors. For example, which devices they use throughout the customer journey. You can also eliminate unneeded elements from your strategy. Your Omnichannel Marketing strategy can be tailored to your brand and market trends.

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